My name is Paula, I live in Loja and I have 11 years.
Study in Victoria College, Class of 6ºa.
My father's name is Fran, my mother Paqui and my brother Juan Fran.
My father is an ambulance driver.
My mother works in the bakery of Mercadona.

My brother is 18 years and is taking his driver's license.
My favorite sport is Batuka that practice in the evening, my favorite color is orange
and my favorite number is two.
My favorite food is the omelelle of potatoes.

1-My birthday is on August 2nd.
2-My mother's birthday, September 2nd.
3-My father's birthday, August 8th.
4-My brother's birthday, January 22th.
5-Grandmother's birthday, October 22th.
6-My grandmother's birthday, March 22th.
7-Birthday of my grandfather, August 5th.
8-Birthday of María, April 22th.
9-Christmas Day, December 25th.
10-Christmas Eve, December 24th.
11 New Year, January 1st.

12-New Year's Eve, December 31s

The Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.
Everyone sends Valentine's cards, flowers, chocolate ...
Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries, which has been implemented in other countries throughout the twentieth century, mainly in which the lovers, boyfriends or husbands to express their love and affection each other. Held on February 14, Valentine's birthday. In some countries known as Valentine's Day and others like the Day of Love and Friendship.

two meanings



Spring is one of the four seasons of temperate zones, the transition between winter and summer. The term premium comes from (first) and see the (green). Astronomically, this season begins with the vernal equinox (between 20 and 21 March in the northern hemisphere, and between 22 and 23 September in the southern hemisphere) and ends with the summer solstice (around 21 June in the northern hemisphere and 21 December in the southern hemisphere).

π (pi) is the ratio between the length of a circle to its diameter in Euclidean geometry. Is an irrational number and one of the most important mathematical constants. The value of π has been obtained with different approaches throughout history, being one of the more mathematical constants appear in the equations of physics, along with the number e. Therefore, perhaps the most constant passion erupts between professional and amateur mathematicians. The relationship between the circumference and diameter is not constant in non-Euclidean geometry.
pi approx 3{,}14159265358979323846...
pi approx 3{,}14159265358979323846...
Number (pi)


Today is Sunday, 27th March, 2011.
I'm happy because they change the time
Today is Saturday, 26 March, 2011.
I'm happy because my cousin is coming home

Today is Friday, 25 March, 2011.
I'm happy because there's gymnastics.