My name is Jesus.
I am ten years old.
I have got brown and straight hair and big brown eyes.
My favourite colour is yellow.
My favourite food is hamburger.
I like football and tennis .
I don`t like vegetables.
My favourite hobbye is playing football.
My favourite movie is Camp rock.


- My name is Jesús and these are the most important dates for me:
- My birthday is on November the 5th.
- My brother's birthday is on June the 17th.
- Mum's birthday is on June the 28th.
- Dad's birthday is on October the 17th
-I love the Summer because I like the beach.
-I like the Spring because I like the flowers.
-I like the Winter because I go to my grandfather's house.
- The Cross Day because I go with the cross the May 3rd.
- The fair.
-Sant Mark`s Day is on April 25th.
-Christmas is on December 25th.



Morning: I got up at half past seven. I had breakfast. I put on my football equipation. I went to Villanueva del Trabuco by bus. I played two matches with different teams.

Afternoon: I had lunch at half past two. I ate pasta and meat. I played two matches with another team and we didn't win. The winner team was Villanueva de Córdoba.

Evening: I came back home at half past eight. I had a shower. I put on my pyjamas. I had spanish omelette for dinner. I went to bed at half past ten.