About Me!

My name is Laura Fern├índez. I am 11 year old. I live in Loja (Granada). I live with mi father and my mother. She's name is Encarni and he's name is Cristobal. My favorite colours are green and pink. My favorite subject is artistic. My favorite hobbies are listening to music and doing gymnastics. My best friends are Cristina, Andrea, Ana, Carmen, Paulas , Celia and Maria. I love reading and I love my family. ´╗┐

Text Jobs Aroun Me

My father works as a trukc driver in Apolo. He los his Job. My Mother works caringo four an old lady. My grandfather and unde ar both painters work together tito. My cousins are students. My aunty is a hairdresser and firends. I would like to help but. I am very small. Cristina is a estudent. When I am an adult I want to be a pediatrian.