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Juana de Arco, heroína:Joan of Arc, heroine: The French soldier (1412-1431)
Juana was born during the Hundred Years War between France and England in Domremy (Vosges) a January 6, 1412the year that happened in the interrogation told the convict, had first said that was when I was thirteen and then explained that seven years ago she was advised that these voices and protected, so, subtracting seven years to the day of questioning , we find that in 1424 he first appeared have visions.
Juana, explain then, before mentioning the name of the holy, the mission entrusted voice. But after mentioning them, the judges asked who was then the first voices I had heard that he had caused so much fear seven years ago. She, that everything was going to respond, did so with many reservations and resisting dropper several times, said it was San Miguel (San Miguel, protector of the kingdom of France), who saw with his own eyes and not alone, but together angels in heaven. So, by God's command went to liberate France.
In his appearances, the voices told him what he had to do. The catalyst was the siege of the city of Orleans, in October 1428. It was one of the major cities of the time.
She tried to use Baudricourt Robert, commander of the garrison armagnac, established in Vaucouleurs, just north of Domremy, which he did by his uncle, Durant laxatives. I wanted to get a small escort to fetch the dolphin where he was hiding in Chinon. And it is that I had to pass through hostile territory, defended by angloborgoñones in partnership. Thus, the Pucelle give a secret message to the king that it had been revealed by the voices.
He spent nearly a year until Baudricourt, January, 1429 to allow him to escort you want, at the insistence of the young maiden. Certainly, she had already made a first attempt in the Ascension of 1428 (May 13, according Poulengy), but had met resistance armagnac. Surely there was another interview late this year, until Baudricourt faltered. During his subsequent trial, the judges took the opportunity to discuss men's clothes she had worn the young during this trip. Questioned about why and she said she had been at God's command to have ordered the dress which otherwise would have done so. Also, to persuade Baudricourt Robert, what took him by the mouth and ran around the world, that the Virgin of Lorraine save the kingdom lost for a woman (presumably referring to the posthumous daughter of the late King Carlos IV).
Joan was presented to the dolphin with humility, he spoke of his visions and that he was sure he would be the next king of France.
Put an army at their service, had 17 at the time.
Charles VII was asked to escort him to his consecration to Reims and she also said that he wanted to oust the English from the Loire region. The towns passing by (Jargeau, Baeugency, Auxerre, Troyes) ranged from joining the cause of the future king.
On July 15, the ride (the chevauchée, as is known in French) came to the castle of Sept-Saulx and not far from Reims, who that day was formally submitted to the Dolphin. Finally on July 16 came the procession armagnac in the city of Reims.
We know that the day of the final consecration of the French king in Reims was the 17 July. It was the most splendid ceremony of the moment, because the circumstances of war prevented it, but the ritual was held anyway. Joan attended and apparently in a privileged position and with their banner, which betrayed one of the key moments in the history of Juana, depicted in paintings. This moment is traditionally taken as the climax of the epic of Joan, the highest point.
Although it tried to reach peace with the Burgundians, they refused. So the war went to Juana following the battle, however, had become a disturbing element in a more diplomatic war and betrayal of their own not long in coming, which made him fall into the hands Burgundy. Although aparetemente King did what he could be returned to them, Jeanne was in enemy hands accused of heresy.
He was accused of transvestism as a man, to hear haberembrujado vocesmalignas and magically his standard, at no time allowed to appeal to the Pope as hubise happened in any ordinary trial.
Juana was condenanada to die at the stake, Joan was put on the fire before being burned, a British soldier interrupted with a shout in the background shouting "Priest! Do we leave to finish the job before dinner? ". Then a sheriff gave the order of execution and the executioner took her to the stake had a key role in the top with the words "heretic, relapsed, apostate, idolater."
He died on May 30, 1431.
Canonized in 1909.


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In Wales, we celebrate St Valentines on

a different day. It is called ‘Santes
Dwynwen’. She is the saint of love. We
celebrate on January 24th. y st valentine,s 1 of february.

The san valentine,s day regalan chocolateswellery and flowers. The most common (popular) presents on
Valentine’s Day are: Flowers
February has been the month to
celebrate love for a long time, dating
clear back to the Middle Ages.


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