My name is Paula G. I am 11 years old. I am from Loja (Granada). My birthday is on the 16th of June. I have one sister; her name is Gema. I am tall. My hair and eyes are brown. I have got a pet; it is a tortoise. My favorite color is red and my favorite sport is rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics. I love listening to music. My hobbies are sports and playing the flute. My favorite food is macarroni and my e-mail is: My school is C.E.I.P Victoria (Loja). My favorite subjects are Art and Music. I hate colors white and black.
My friends are Andrea, Ana, Carmen, Laura, Cristina, Celia, Paula A. and María.





On Saturday morning, I got up at ten o'clock.
I did my Homework. The afternoon, I went to Marbella and had a competition, I won the gymnastics competition. I was first! I went a restaurant and had lunch. I played with my sister. I went shopping. I went a hotel and watched TV. I went to bed at eleven o'clock. It was a fantastic day! I love competicms.