Hi, this is my portfolio

He favorite sport is football and and the player that he likes it Michael esinen .
He favorite foods are chiken tikka masala and cheseburger .
He favorite movie is the snawshank Relemption .
He favorite book is 1984 .
I live in granada and love to cat Schawarma and tapas.
His favorite tv show is seinfeld .
Their favorite players on each of these teams are : derek jeter , barrelle ravis amar'e stoudemire and marion caborik.
His favorite season is fall.
His favorite candy bar is snickers
His favorite is president is abe lin coln

The jobs in my family

My mother is a housewife.I the past she was ticket seltero.

My brother is a student.My father is a monumental mason.

He work in a company he is charge.

My great day
In the morning ,i wake up at 07:30,the my
bed and i lake a shower.Later i drink milk
and i had cereal.finaly i go to myk with school.
In the afternoon i go homework with my
teacher and i go to my party.Later my
friends give me my presents and we eat
chocolate cake.Finaly i go to my house.
I play of computer and i finish of 1:00
in the evening.I take a shouse and i go to my
bed.At 1:00 h. MY GREAT DAY!!!!!!