About me
My name is Juan Ignacio Olid Jiménez.I am eleven years old.I am
tall and thin.I have got a long hair.My hair is brown.My eyes are brown.My favorite colour is blue and my favorite number is seven.
I like football and I play in Medina Lauxa club (Loja).I like pizza,hamburger and chips.My favorite animal is the dog and I have
got one dog.I like the beach and the swiming-pool.

I have got one mother, father,one sister and one brother. My father is tall, brown and he is forty-four years old. My father works making clothers. My mother is tall, brown and works in my house. My sister Fátima is fifteen years old and she studies in the secundary school. My little brother Germán is four years old and he studies in the primary school.

My name is Juan Ignacio.My best friends are:Jesús,Javi,Raul,Dani,
Ivan Vigil,Joni.Jesús and Joni are the smallest.Javi is a tallest.Dani
has got glasses.Raul is the best player basketball.Ivan Vigil is the best player of tennis.I like playing with them.Ivan Vigil is blonder tham Jesús.Jesús is the best player of football.

08:15 I get up and I wash my face and I have my breakfast.
08:45 I go to school.
11:30 I eat my sandwich and play with my friends.
14:00 I go back home.
14:30 I have lunch.
16:00 I go playing football with my team.
18:00 I eat the the sandwich with milk.
19:00 I do my homework.
21:45 I have dinner
22:30 I go to bed

My favorite book
My favorite books are the“Harry Potter books”.These books tell the story of wizard called Harry Potter and his friends Hermione and Ron.Harry and his friends go to school of magic called Howarts.They
have got adventures with ghost,monsters,animals,witchs and others
wizards boys and girls.Harry Potter has got glasses.Ron has got
read hair.Hermione has got long hair.

My especial occasion is the day that I went to Granada to play football. I play in the Medina Lauxa's football club.That day we played very good so won us the macht.After I went to the swimming-pool with my family.We swam and ate there.The food was very good.When closed the swimming-pool,we went to the cinema.We saw one film very beautiful.It was a adventure's film.When it finished we returned to my house.Everybody were very tired and we went to sleep soon.


.I'm going to swimming-pool.

.I'm going to the beach.

.I'm going to study english.

.I'm going to play football.

.I'm going to play tennis.

.I'm going to Madrid.

.I'm going to warner bross park.

.I'm going to eat ice-cream.

.I'm going to the party of my class.