My name is Iván.I am 11 year old I am from Loja(Granada).
I have short black hair.My eyes are big brown eyes I haveone brother.His name is Marcos.I like green and orange.I like football and tennis too.I like doing homework! My best friend is:Ana,Javier,javi,Carmen,Angel.ja,Angelji,Algel.ca, Jesus.c,Jesus.l,Andrea,Paula.g,Paula.a,Celia,María,Cristina, Laura,Santi,luis,pablo.d,pablo.f....e.c.t.

A special occasion for me is my birthday.

In my birthday I hat chocolate,cake

and pizza.We played football and voleyball.The boys played football and the girls played rythmic gymnastics .The birthday ended and I go to the house.I played withmy present,I went to bed at half past eleven.The follorwing I hat breakfast and I called my friends and we hat hamburgets for lunch.I went back home.My brother broke my present.